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Our Trainers


Personal Trainer & Health Consultant, store manager


Brief Introduction about Trainer

10 years plus training experience in the fitness industry, able to handle all different kind of guests.


Voice from Trainer

Exercise is a lifetime journey, make it as your Daily routine, like Washing your face and Brushing your Teeth. You will see the benefits when you do so.



Professional fitness trainer from Asian Academy for Sports & Fitness Professionals.

Testimonial for Trainer "Lex"

“I’m very satisfied with the trainer’s professionalism and clarity in achieving my goals. I’ve expressed my initial hesitation as I’ve had tendon repair surgery however RIZAP has successfully now made me even fitter and confident.
Thank you Lex!”

“Very supporive trainers. Clean gym and gym apparatus. Trainers will tailor make excercise plan and although it was my first time learning the basics on gym exercise, I am now more confident in using the apparatus. Highly recommended!”

Atsuko Kondo

Personal Trainer & Health Consultant


Brief Introduction about Trainer

I have 7 years experience as a fitness instructor and 7 years as a RIZAP trainer. I specialize in training for beautiful figure, posture correction and core training for women. I have worked with over 100 customers.


Voice from Trainer

During my 20's, I was an aerobics instructor for 5 years but I gained weight due to my pregnancy! I suffered from poor physical health after giving birth but I was able to return to the weight I had in my 20's after proper diet and exercise.
After realising the importance of diet and exercise, I have beeen helping my customers achieve their goals! I look forward to seeing you and meeting your goals at RIZAP!



- Certified Personal Trainer (JTTA)
- Aerobics Fitness Instructor and Trainer-Training Lecturer
- Zumba Fitness Instructor
- Lymphatic Therapist

Testimonial for Trainer "Atsuko"

“Atsuko, thank you for sending me the photos yesterday.Looking back over the past two months plus, it seems that I was able to achieve my goal thanks to Atsuko's guidance, but in the process I gained a lot of knowledge and training.
I was able to learn with my body, I was able to change some lifestyle habits, and I was able to spend a very fulfilling time. I'm glad that I can bend and stretch quite a bit without any pain or discomfort acer my medical surgery.”

“There was no rebound during the year-end and New Year holidays, and I was able to maintain my figure and constitution. I believe that this is also thanks to the tuition that I was able to acquire the correct knowledge of RIZAP's diet, and it has become a treasure of my life. ”

“I am happy that the results have exceeded my expectations. I don't think I could have done it alone, so thank you very much. ”

“Thank you very much for the two months! Thanks to your kind advice, I think I was able to lose more weight than my goal. I'm so happy.”

Tomoya Nagano

Ambassadar of RIZAP Head quarter


Brief Introduction about Trainer

It has been 11 years since I joined RIZAP.
I started off as a trainer, and now I have experience in managing over 50 gym in Japan.
In 2021, I became the RIZAP's first and only ambassador, and have been working as an icon for the company.


Voice from Trainer

Anyone who has zero experience andknowledge in exercise is welcome.Please allow us to help you change yourlife.



- Certified Personal Trainer (JTTA)
- 2nd place in the Japanese National Tournament in Kendo.
- FWJ Men's Physique
  1st place Y4GYM CLASSIC (2020)
  3rd place BEEF SASAKI CLASSIC (2022)

Testimonial for Trainer "Tomoya"

ウザすぎるぐらい熱い人永野さん。 クライアントのことも、自身のことも、 目指す場所をしっかりと見ています!
私の壮大な目標も、 些細な目標も、 一緒に目指していると感じて、 安心してトレーニングできました。

Mr. Nagano, the passionate man. He has a clear view of where he is aiming, both for his clients and himself!
I could train with him for both my grand and trivial goals with peace of mind. I also like that you are easygoing sometimes!